Suicide Squad 2

That's a wrap on The Suicide Squad

So we wrapped on The Suicide Squad after almost exactly a year of production. I’ve been doing this for 27 years and it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had on a film. We had such a great team of people across the board on this show. Our Art Department was fantastic. Set Dec, Props, Construction, Scenic, Plaster, and Sculpting were all at the top of their game as well. This was a huge sprawling movie, we filled 10 soundstages with sets (some multiple times) and had 2 large backlot builds, as well as filming on location around Atlanta and in Panama. Even with that large amount of work, it all went off as smooth as could be. That’s thanks to the excellent team of people on this film. I’m looking forward to seeing the final film.

Special thanks to everyone in our art department:
Beth Mickle, Production Designer

Art Directors:
Lauren Abiouness, Lorin Fleming, Brittany Hites, Alex McCarroll, Drew Monahan, Desma Murphy, Jay Pelissier (2nd Unit), Domenic Silvestri, & Carla Martinez (Asst. Art Director)

Set Designers:
Vincent Bates, Nick Cross, Robert Fechtman, Kristen Jenkins, George Lee, Silvia Mahapatra, Marco Rubeo, Ed Symon, Kevin Vickery, Kate Weddle

Graphic Designers:
Zach Fannin & Kelly Rae Hemenway

Shane Baxley, Dave Levy, Sebastian Meyer, Simon Murton, Ed Natividad, Marek Okon, David Swayze, Henrik Tamm, & Josh Viers

Model Maker: Brett Philips

Art Dept Coordinator: Molly Hunter Flick

Art Dept. Assistants:
Sammy Wadsworth, Mary Shriner, Samantha Wood



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