Welcome to Wakanda

Here’s a little video highlighting just some of the work and ideas that went into designing the look of Wakanda in Black Panther. We had an amazing team of people in the art department on this show, truly an A-list group. The film was a real design challenge too. We had to put aside all of our preconceived design notions and touchstones because we wanted Wakanda to look like it developed it’s own style outside of a colonized Africa. Showing the influences of tribes from all around Africa while separating out the European influences. And even though this was a big Marvel production, we did still have to fit it within a budget that wasn’t nearly big enough for the visual appetites for the film. All around probably one of the most challenging films I’ve ever worked on. Seeing that it all came together so well and has had such great feedback and success has been very satisfying.

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